Words Agnes Aui | Photograph Suliman Salleh

Who comes to mind when you think of success? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey are some great examples of successful people. And while these figures triumph in contrasting fields, they all share one thing in common – the go-getter mindset. In definition, a go-getter is a hardworking person who has a deep desire to succeed in life. Generally, we all want to succeed. But what makes go-getters stand out from the rest are their mindsets and drive to get what they want in life. If you’re craving some milk and honey, and want to know how to get what you want in life, we listed down some unique tips that will help you in your quest to obtain success.

Say “NO” to negative thinking
One of the most important attitudes to have as a go-getter is to reject pessimism. This is because being pessimistic hinders your progress. Let’s say, for example, that you want to showcase your singing talents via video. However, you start to doubt yourself and fill your mind with all the possible negative things that could happen – like bad comments or people who would make fun of you. And because of these negative thoughts, you decided to not do it at all. Now think about it, if you were to fill your mind with positive thoughts instead, as good comments, and people who appreciate your singing – you would have most likely proceeded with your plan. So, stop thinking you can’t and start thinking you can, and watch your plans flourish.

Take failures as lessons
It’s uncommon to hear that a person wouldn’t fail in something. Failure is extremely normal, and happens throughout our lifetime, especially at work – where many would experience failure more often than usual. However, taking failures as lessons also rely on positive thinking to work. Failing can be demotivating, but with a positive mindset, we’re able to learn from our mistakes and ensure we don’t repeat that mistake in our future endeavours. While this can take some practice, once you’ve mastered embracing failure, you’ll realise that failure doesn’t actually bring you down but pushes you forward instead.

Be open-minded and intentional
Success is hard to come by if you’re someone who’s stubborn and complains regularly. Go-getters are open-minded and intentional towards their goals. They absorb knowledge from other successful people and intentionally make changes in their lifestyle, ensuring a victorious end goal. From simple things like waking up early to start the day right, to more complex aspects like planning the day or arranging financials, go-getters are always ready to take in opinions and apply them to their lives with intention.

Give as much as you take
Self-development is an important attribute of a go-getter. And one of the greatest ways to improve self-development is to give as much as you take. Whenever you give, you get ten folds back. Try sharing the go-getter mindset with people who are passionate about succeeding, and you’ll eventually learn a thing or two from them too. And whatever you learn from them could help you in achieving what you want in life. It’s just as rewarding to give as much as it is rewarding to take knowledge from other successful people.

Slow down and meditate
Being a go-getter doesn’t mean hustling all day and night. Resting plays a part in getting what you want. This is because having proper rest ensures you have the energy to keep going towards your goal. Should you feel overwhelmed in your daily schedule, it’s good to slow down and meditate. Meditation helps clear your mind, which helps avoid the negativity that comes with being overwhelmed, allowing yourself to continue with your goals with a clear mind.

Expand your network
While hard work, passion and drive are important in achieving what you want, having a good network can help provide opportunities you never knew you could get. Aside from possible job opportunities, you can also take away knowledge and skills that can help improve yourself. If you’re wondering how to develop your network, try attending events that are relevant to what you do/know and help out at the event. This would help you meet different people and possibly connect with them, which you can keep in touch and often catch up with.

By definition, manifestation is “the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real”. Manifestation is also often known as the law of attraction, in which you attract things or situations that are in the same frequency as your feelings and thoughts. Have you ever wondered, whenever you think something bad is going to happen, it does happen? Well, that’s the same with thinking positive things, and things that you want in life. The more you visualise your goals and manifest them every morning and night, you’ll achieve the drive and passion to go forward and make them happen. To know more about the law of attraction and how to get it to work, try giving “The Secret” on Netflix a watch, where a group of writers, philosophers and scientists talk about the law of attraction and how to achieve what you want in life.