August 2023

I don’t know about you but I always have this poignant feeling when summer is over.  Could it be because I know the kids are growing fast and the end of summer means they are advancing into a higher grade or it is because the holiday that we have (usually) painstakingly planned and arranged is over and now it is back to reality, at least for the next couple of months until Christmas rolls around?  I don’t know.

June and July disappear in a blink of an eye.  Now we are officially into the second-last quarter of the year.  Where did 2023 go?  It’s one of those years where you feel you haven’t done much but the truth of the matter is, you’ve done what you set out to do; well, at least most of it but you just don’t know how and when you did it.  Have you had one of those years?  It is interesting but it just lacks that “I did it” feeling which also translates into “I can’t feel triumphant about it”.  Oh well, perhaps it is just one of my 1st world problems.

We had great conversations over the last few months with guests from all over the world – an LA-based cosmetic entrepreneur, an Italian hotelier with a mission, a Singapore-based UK luxury yacht entrepreneur, Malaysia’s undefeated number 1 tennis player and the list goes on.

When we first started Fab! Luxe magazine we know we would like to have no-holds-barred conversations with our guests – not just surface scratching.  We want to know what makes each of them tick and what has brought them to where they are – and we’ve done just that.  The thing about having this kind of important discussions is that along the way, we will most often than not, discover ourselves – the parts of us we never knew were there. 

August is the birthday month of my beloved Singapore – the island nation where I hailed from.  The whole nation partied together on August 9.  From the nail-biting parachute stunts and aerial extravaganza, featuring the Singapore air force’s newest helicopters and fighter jets to emotionally charged nationalistic songs and finished-off with a couple million Singapore dollars worth of fireworks, I am a happy girl albeit watching it “live” on YouTube, all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

August has also been a month of getting my routine back into place and getting excited about what’s in store in the next couple of months.

So, excited I will be.

….till September, you take care!


Anjalka x

July 2023

I peered out of the window of the SAS flight bound from Oslo to New York and wondered if I will be back in Norway any time before next summer. You see, for the last 9 years, we have been based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Summer months have almost always been booked for slightly more than a week or so in Norway – catching up with familiar faces, places and tastes.

Being in Norway, a place I made home (and 2 babies and a million memories) conjures that warm, fuzzy, familiar feeling – something that could only mean that the place has somehow helped you grow in some ways or shift your life in a way that “home” is the only fair word to describe it.

A Joan Didion quote that depicts it for me “A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.”

Joan Didion, a legendary writer, whose book, A Year of Magical Thinking is probably the only book in the world I had lusted for (to read) in the last many years but had been putting off reading, because the book talks about the sudden loss of her husband of 40years. The book, I know will sadden me to the deepest core and stays within me. However, I finally caved in. Picked up a copy at The Met’s bookstore in New York.

Read it in 2 days in the warm New York sun accompanied by either a glass of sauvignon blanc or oat milk iced cappuccino or in the comforts of summer-duvet in a brownstone up at West 89th and yes, the story WILL stay within me and whose takeaways will be gloriously cherished.

Love like you never loved before, live like this is your last day on earth, and make your dreams come true because if you truly look within, the only driving and stopping force is you.

The month of July has been a month of travels, observations, making new connections, creating conversations and palate appreciation.

Hope yours have been equally enriching or more.

Here’s me, looking forward to August and its promises!

Much love,
Anjalika x

June 2023

The kids are off school, and we are all ready for a long summer break. 2023 has been moving so fast – can’t help but think perhaps she’s rushing somewhere. How has your first half of the year been?

Summer travels have been the topic of conversation for the last two months or so. Once Easter hits, the topic moved from Easter garden parties to sunny somewhere with tons of food, wine, sea, sun and sand. Then, there’s the pursuit of a perfect swimsuit that accentuates every curve of the body and sunscreen that promises to protect the skin in the hottest of the Mediterranean sun. I have my favourites of these two and can’t wait to flaunt one and slather the other.

If you are anywhere in Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand, you would have known that the sun has been pretty much at the center of our attention. The heat has been almost unbearable for the past three months. In many schools, activities had been kept to a minimum and in some, even drastic measures of cancelling camps and school trips had been taken. The heat emergency has now been lifted, though I have to say, the sun continues to soar.

In my heart of hearts sometimes I do wonder, why does a person like me, who lives southeast Asia, with the sun on my face nearly every day, still look forward to be frolicking in the summer sun? Well, all I can say is, it’s the same sun but they do feel different. It’s something hard to explain but being in the summer sun, with the gleeful, jocular ambience almost feels like attending a music festival.

Perhaps it’s just our human nature; of taking for granted things that have been presented to us. In a way, the grass is always greener on the other side syndrome.

Lots of things to tie up before we leave for the summer. While some of us have summer to go to, many others are still business as usual.

Have a good one, whether it’s summer or business as usual for you.

Will write to you in July from the other side of the world!

Much love,
Anjalika x

May 2023

“What’s YOUR feeling about ChatGPT, Anj?”

A question that caught me by surprise – one day, while I was out lunching with one of my coaching clients. Let’s call him George – George sees me because he feels too suffocated with all the AI technologies that are coming up, in throngs over the last year or so. He’s in tech but the fast-moving {tech} discoveries and innovations suffocate him. George is thinking of re-training, perhaps and doing something that makes his soul happy, instead of sticking around for the (rather lucrative) pay packet.

While I don’t usually discuss my personal feelings or opinions when I run my coaching sessions, this time, I feel it is a little different. It’s not a session – it’s lunch and I think I am allowed to be honest.

“Look George, I am a traditionalist. If it’s up to me, I’d want to hold on to (my) normalcy. Things are going way too fast. We are forced to move along too quickly with changes – and ChatGPT is something I haven’t come around to like or dislike – just neutral. But I do wonder how far people will go, to put credits to their name, where it’s not due” That was my real honest feelings – no coaches were present in that answer.

Things ARE going too fast. While few I know are now slowing down, taking things easy, smelling the flowers as they go, the pandemic has also brought about a culture of urgency to many. Catching up on lost time, perhaps.

So, for the rest of us traditionalists, how do we stay true to our principles and sentiments while not getting left out in this whole tech agglomeration situation?

Firstly, get to know yourself – why do you say NO to that innovation? Is it because you find it hard to learn something new? Explore deeper, perhaps it’s limiting beliefs that place you there.

Secondly, train your brain to see the positive twist to the story. Being a traditionalist doesn’t stop me from seeing the good in whatever tech that came out and will come out in the future. I may not want to embrace it fully but yes, that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the good.

Lastly, let’s just use our guiding forces and principles to focus on the good energy, shall we? We cannot stop it, so we might as well just give our blessings to innovations, for the sake of our children and beyond.

Not sure about you, but time has left me frazzled the last couple of months. Moving so fast. We are already in May. Wasn’t it just a wink ago, we were counting down and welcoming 2023? Summer is not too far off on the horizon, which means many have started to work on their summer body, though some I’ve spoken with, reiterated with a vengeance that the pursuit of summer bodies are a thing of the past, which I think is so refreshing. Summer or not, we need to take care of this one body we are given.

So, I’ll see you in June, in the meantime, since it is the season for the international Mothers’ Day, HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to all moms, step-moms, furry moms, adopted moms, grandmammas and aunties out there. You are phenomenal!

Bye now.

Anjalika x

April 2023

April this year is a rather intensive month for me – Ramadhan, kids’ away from school for spring break and Eid – all rolled into one.
Amidst all this chaos, my birthday falls on April 15!

As much as I love the connections and physical and spiritual lifts one will get from all these events, I can’t help but wonder – one fine day in the last few days of March, if I’m able to spread myself thin to prep for all these. A few travels needed to be made – Thailand for spring break and Singapore for Eid. Then, of course, keeping my 11 and 12 years old spring-breakers entertained on the days in between our travels. Entertained being, away from their gadgets. On top of all these, work has also gotten a little intense lately. Besides running this fabulous magazine, Fab! Luxe, I am also a Self-Development Coach.

Coaching is not an easy feat. Coaching takes a lot of oneself – the energy you give is something that needs to be replenished, otherwise, lethargy will seep in – depriving the giver of all the goodness life brings. Replenishing my energy comes in the forms of prayer, meditation, reading and speaking with someone – in my case, a coach.

Yes, a coach most times, does need her coach – to talk to, rant and offload. I’ve often said, having a coach, a therapist or a psychologist is not only for the elite, especially in our lives these days. We are living in a different time where we take on many hats, we are exposed to many phenomena, and we are subjected to many happenings – which our parents and those before have not even experienced or come close to.

Coaching helps us see the path of possibility to what otherwise seems like a dead-end and that’s why I love what I do.

Ramadhan, spring break and Eid came and gone. All successful – all targets met.

Looking forward to a less intrusive May but not without yet another two days of public holidays in the first week.

A finding in indicates that Malaysia (where I am based, as of now) has the 5th global placing when it comes to the most public holidays, alongside Myanmar, Nepal, Iran and Sri Lanka in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. Question is, do public holidays impact productivity ? Me, and I am sure not the only one, feels yes, it does. Especially those impromptu ones that we have seen here the last few months – on top of the already many off days we get.

So, Malaysia love their public holidays. For the rest of us residing here, since we can’t beat them, we gotta just join them.

See you in May!


Anjalika x

March 2023

A gloriously sunny day where I am now – in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes, the very same place where Michelle Yeoh hailed from. Michelle Yeoh who won the Oscars for Best Actress on March 12, for her performance in the movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once – the first ever by a Malaysian actor. CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle Yeoh for this win. She has set the bar really high now; not only for Malaysians but actors and actresses in this region.

Seated at my desk trying to churn out an interview transcript got me thinking and yearning for the beach; though one has got nothing to do with the other – but you know how the mind works; or must have been the sun.

While we are getting ready to prep ourselves (read: our bodies) for the beach season; when you are based in Asia, meaning the most time of the year, I can’t help but think about those whose lives have been turned around the last couple of months. 

A friend walked out from her 15 years marriage.  Another friend, moved continent after quitting corporate – something that had been a part of her for the last 25 years.  What affected me the most is the news of an acquaintance who lost her battle with cancer.  Our last meet-up was filled with stories of her yesteryears which were of happiness and hope.  Then there’s also a dream of travelling the world when her kids are off the nest.  Now, her kids are off the nest, but her dream of travelling the world remains a dream.  One that wasn’t fulfilled because of her deteriorating health.  A few weeks later, my dear acquaintance passed away, surrounded by family and friends in her land of birth.  Her last words to me were “I look forward to seeing you again soon.  In the meantime, enjoy your boys, husband, family and friends.  We do not know when they’ll be taken away from us or us, taken away from them.”

The very words I will hold close to my heart.

We often thought we’ll have time, we’ll have the tomorrows.  Never once do we stop and think, what if there is no tomorrow?  After all, who’d want such a morbid thought, we tell ourselves?  Thinking and making peace with the world without us in it, isn’t morbid; it’s all part of nature.  After all these years, there is one thing I know for sure – to live my life fully, I have to let go of the fear that one day, the world will lose me.  It’s a natural progression – we were born, we grow older every day, month and year and when it is our time, we’ll leave this earth.  There are no two ways about it. 

What we can do is make every single day count.  Be authentic. Love like you mean it.  Explore passion and interests as if your life depends on them.   Don’t make work your priority.  Give the best of your energy to your family and friends.  Weed out those thoughts and people who don’t serve or deserve you.  Be aware of the fluidity of time without any negative connotations because time will flow, whether you like it or not. Know that we are all placed on earth for reason.  We fulfil those very reasons and when our work is done here, we leave.

Life is beautiful – enjoy every bit of it.  Nurture and bask in its beauty.

Till later.


Anjalika x

October 2022

It is pretty unfathomable how Fab! Luxe is now entering her 2nd year of existence.

We will be speaking to a couple of Multi-Hyphenates.  These are the cream of the crop of the Multi-Hyphenates. They run a couple of successful businesses each and do them well too. They know being a multi-hyphenate means being able to live the many dreams they’ve always dreamt of; they know being a multi-hyphenate means never worrying that others might label them as flaky knowing that life is so precious – those who don’t live to the fullest, doing whatever the heart desires are in fact, wasting that every morsel of life.

We’ll talk about Gap Year; not the post-uni type but one that happens way after.  The later Gap Year and what it means, implications it has and the opportunities that might arise.

We will also look at community services and also chat with a couple of amazing personalities from different parts of the globe.  Got to stay tuned for that!

Places around the world are slowly opening up. Looking at the pictures of friends enjoying coffee by the cobbled streets of Paris, swimming in the gorgeous emerald water of the Amalfi Coast or having an afternoon cocktail on the rooftop of a hotel in LA surely sets a little pang of jealousy. For those of us still within the confinements of our borders, the home, the morning runs or if you are anything like me, the three times weekly walk to the bakery to pick up oat milk iced-cappuccino and pastries are the few thrills of life for the last many months. Grocery runs become the solace away from overwhelming Zoom meetings. 

Life is a definite rollercoaster – one moment, we are clicking away on the internet, purchasing that air ticket and booking an amazing resort in Peru, to not being able to do that for the last 1.5 years. Fast-forward to the current time, some parts of the world are slowly opening up to give back normalcy to its people, while some others are still struggling to even meet the demands of hospital beds, oxygen tanks and vaccination. 

I usually concur with the statement, “What is life without its little adventures.” The same words were uttered a couple of days ago, regards to the global situation we are all facing. Well, what I can say is, being stuck within your borders for months – with no end in sight, having your movements monitored and not being able to see and feel the people that you love is not exactly my idea of life’s adventures. 

On a happier note, I do get better at churning out few other decadent dishes than the usual ones, not to mention the garden that has been rather thriving under my constant “work-from-home” supervision. 

All can’t be bad, can they?

Have a gorgeous month, you!


Anjalika x