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Founder – Creator – Curator

A lover of life and advocate of happiness, Anjalika marvels at anything and everything that touches her mind and soul.

She is a seasoned marketing communications professional, editor, author and yogi.

Born in Singapore and having lived in a couple of exciting cities around the world, Anjalika considers herself a global citizen.

She cites family time, reading, travelling, (contemporary) dance and throwing parties as ways to unwind.

Anjalika currently divides her time between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2021 sure has been catapulting its way through. It is pretty unfathomable how Fab! Luxe is now entering her 8th month of existence.

We will be speaking to a couple of Multi-Hyphenates.  These are the cream of the crop of the Multi-Hyphenates. They run a couple of successful businesses each and do them well too. They know being a multi-hyphenate means being able to live the many dreams they’ve always dreamt of; they know being a multi-hyphenate means never worrying that others might label them as flaky knowing that life is so precious – those who don’t live to the fullest, doing whatever the heart desires are in fact, wasting that every morsel of life.

We’ll talk about Gap Year; not the post-uni type but one that happens way after.  The later Gap Year and what it means, implications it has and the opportunities that might arise.

We will also look at community services and also chat with a couple of amazing personalities from different parts of the globe.  Got to stay tuned for that!

Places around the world are slowly opening up. Looking at the pictures of friends enjoying coffee by the cobbled streets of Paris, swimming in the gorgeous emerald water of the Amalfi Coast or having an afternoon cocktail on the rooftop of a hotel in LA surely sets a little pang of jealousy. For those of us still within the confinements of our borders, the home, the morning runs or if you are anything like me, the three times weekly walk to the bakery to pick up oat milk iced-cappuccino and pastries are the few thrills of life for the last many months. Grocery runs become the solace away from overwhelming Zoom meetings. 

Life is a definite rollercoaster – one moment, we are clicking away on the internet, purchasing that air ticket and booking an amazing resort in Peru, to not being able to do that for the last 1.5 years. Fast-forward to the current time, some parts of the world are slowly opening up to give back normalcy to its people, while some others are still struggling to even meet the demands of hospital beds, oxygen tanks and vaccination. 

I usually concur with the statement, “What is life without its little adventures.” The same words were uttered a couple of days ago, regards to the global situation we are all facing. Well, what I can say is, being stuck within your borders for months – with no end in sight, having your movements monitored and not being able to see and feel the people that you love is not exactly my idea of life’s adventures. 

On a happier note, I do get better at churning out few other decadent dishes than the usual ones, not to mention the garden that has been rather thriving under my constant “work-from-home” supervision. 

All can’t be bad, can they?

Have a gorgeous month, you!


Zu Anjalika x