Fab! Luxe spoke with Evelyn Wang, Country Manager of BALL Watch.  

Catch their three latest models, Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer, Engineer Hydrocarbon Original and Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU.

These units are on retail, globally.

Tell us about Ball Watches, Evelyn – where they originate from, what BALL Watches stand for?

BALL Watch was first established in America in 1891, during a time of great advent and subsequent development of American railroads – and the need for precise, accurate timekeeping. The Kipton Disaster, a catastrophic collision between two trains caused by the train engineer’s unreliable watch, made the world recognise the need for reliable, strict standards regarding timepieces. BALL Watch was the first successful system that set the standard for railroads, and the first to be recognised for its accuracy and uniformity in timekeeping. BALL Watches’ tagline is “Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions” – We are continually updating the product range in line with changing consumer patterns, but despite these changes, we never forget our founding spirit of industrial function, and we stand for the shared commitment of accurate timekeeping.

Ball Watches Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Alioth said there is a special message behind the three latest watches you are launching. Tell us about it.

As a brand focused on empowerment, innovation and adversity under extraordinary circumstances, the pandemic that has blindsided the world this year is a reminder to us that there can be solidarity and strength when we come together as one in times like these. Even amidst the darkest of days, hope and courage perseveres, and we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece to represent the courage and strength that the world has demonstrated in the past year. As such, a special “Caring” edition of The Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer has been launched, featuring the colours of the rainbow. The watch that once ran railroads now empowers the world to live bravely and carry on with purpose.

What are the unique features of each of the watches?

The Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer (SGD $3,638) has been reimagined with a new rainbow colour scheme as a show of solidarity against the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time, the model will feature gas tubes at every index, with state-of-the-art technology allowing for superior brightness that lasts 25 years. The model is also equipped with a COSC certified chronometer movement, protected by the Amortiser anti-shock system and is water-resistant to up to 100m/330sqft.

The Engineer Hydrocarbon Original (SGD $4,250) is the vital companion to those keen on deep water diving, including a graduated unidirectional bezel that accurately measures dive time, special indents for diving gloves, a water-resistancy of up to 200m/660ft and a patented Amortiser shockproof system.

The latest model of the Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU (SGD $6,200) features a revamped bezel framing either a black dial, or a brand new gradient blue dial, handsomely finished off with a diver motif to honour the NEDU’s official emblem. The model features a unidirectional rotating bezel, ergonomic contours, and a guarantee to a depth of 600 meters due to the rugged construction of a watertight case. It also comes complete with luminous microtubes of H3 gas for instant reading in deep waters, as well as protection from shocks of up to 7,500Gs and magnetic fields to an intensity of 4,800A/m.

How and where can our readers get these watches?

These exclusive models are available at all authorised BALL Watch retailers, or on BALL Watch’s exclusive website.

Besides Singapore, where else in the world are these watches launched / retailed?

They are available world-wide: Across Europe, North America and the Caribbean, Central and South America, Greater China, North Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Africa.

Website / information

For more information on Ball Watch, please visit https://www.ballwatch.com/global/

Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU showcase

Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer showcase

Engineer Hydrocarbon Original