Aura Natural was founded by Chaaru Dharmaraj, a creative problem-solver, customer experience designer, home-maker and a mother of a seven year old. 

She quits corporate life two years back to take a break and spend time with her son. Having worked as an independent architect, and then a UX designer for few top companies in India, Singapore and Malaysia, understanding customer behaviours and their needs is something that she finds very satisfying. 

Chaaru had been struggling to find a decent solution for her acne and dry skin. Having tried multiple products from the market, she never found a satisfactory solution. Either her skin dries-up further or more acne popped-up. As she kept trying various brands, she realised that the issues were related to high comedogenic ingredients, perfumes and other synthetic chemicals. 

Chaaru researched more about the ingredients and tried various products only to realise that she is sensitive to many of these chemicals.  This brought Chaaru and her husband to experiment and make their own soaps and shampoos last year.  She also experimented on body oil and body butter. It was thrilling for this duo – with the possibilities in mixing calendula, argan, rose infused, rosehip, pumpkin seed oils to name a few. Her experiments with these oils and butters resulted in very positive outcome; her skin started becoming lot more supple. 

Chaaru started-out giving her creams, oils and potions as gifts but was pleasantly  surprised when she started getting calls asking her to produce more and to sell them. 

Aura Natural is now available.  Do check them out on socials.

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