It was 2005 when Jaslena Ahmad started her jewellery line, Lena Jewellery. An arts enthusiast, she has always designed her own jewellery. This was a skill encouraged by her mom ever since she was little. 

Lena started selling semi-precious beaded jewellery at private sales and was soon offered retail spaces at Parkson in Pavillion and Robinson in Gardens Mall, in Malaysia.  Soon after she started making custom design high-end pieces for private clients, which she is still doing today. Lena also designs limited editions made by great jewellery craftsmen in both Italy and Hong Kong.  Her materials are sourced from all over the world. 

Lena was a corporate player in the television industry for 14 years before she got married and started a family. This jewellery business has taken her to various jewellery events in Europe and Asia. She has also presented her jewellery at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California – at their Backstage Lounge where artists and performers came to view and picked up those pieces.

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