Founders – MyGymLab Singapore

Sarah and Omar, introduce yourselves.

Sarah (S) : We are born and bred Singaporeans, of mixed heritage, a brother sister team working and trying to build up the concept that is “ My Gym Lab”.

I was and still am, very much in the world of large scale events – my career included WOMAD music festivals across the Asia Pacific, being the Director of Operations for the Singapore Grand Prix for a decade and managing the Singapore International Festival of Arts alongside 5 arts venues in Singapore as a CEO. I am involved in Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, an annual event celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and I also run my own event and strategy consultancy.

Omar (O) : I came from the world of retail and managing multiple fashion brands across South East Asia for some 16+ years, leading a team of some 140 people.  My greatest pride and joy however are my two young boys.

MyGymLab is a project you both started together.  Tell us all about it.

O : Much like many individuals, we found ourselves occasionally intimidated by large gyms and had a few other pet peeves about the gym experiences. This personal revelation sparked our earnest discussions and strategic planning to create a solution that transcends intimidation, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive fitness environment for everyone.

In trying to be a part of revolutionizing the fitness landscape, we first crafted our mission – to have an unparalleled personalized experience for individuals seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Our unmanned smart gyms stand as a testament to user-friendliness, making the journey to a healthier lifestyle seamless for everyone.

S : And seamlessness is at the heart of our user experience. With our intuitive app, you’re in control – choose your location, date, and time in convenient half-hour slots. Whether you opt for a quick 30-minute session or decide to indulge in a longer workout, it’s entirely your choice, designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule. It’s a pay-as-you-go model at affordable rates. Once inside our state-of-the-art facility, the space is solely for yours. You can choose to bring up to 2 people with you; it is your private space for the time you booked.

O: Inside My Gym Lab, we’ve integrated technology for your convenience. QR codes are strategically placed to provide step-by-step guidance on machine usage. Additionally, our virtual avatar trainer is there to assist, ensuring that your time in the Lab is maximized as you focus on specific muscle groups or follow personalized routines tailored to your fitness goals. To add in a little fun, we have a gamified plankster which has been a hit. It’s not just about exercise; it’s an experience. Challenge yourself and enjoy every plank with a touch of gamified excitement, making fitness not only effective but also enjoyable. Within the Labs are our sound system to play your favorite beats coupled with customizable mood lighting allows you to curate the perfect ambiance for your workout. Whether you seek an energetic atmosphere or a more relaxed setting, our environment adapts to enhance your fitness journey. We also offer complimentary Wi-Fi for our clients and to top it off is the tripod stand for photo and video recording which is probably the most popular item within the Lab.

S: At the core of our vision is a commitment to democratizing fitness, breaking down barriers of accessibility and affordability. We passionately believe that everyone, regardless of their current fitness level, should have access to an enjoyable and transformative fitness experience.

Our primary goal is to empower the communities in Singapore by providing an affordable yet luxurious haven for enhancing their fitness levels within the comfort of a private setting. We believe that optimal health should be an accessible luxury for everyone. And our ambitious objective is to inspire a paradigm shift in individuals who have yet to embrace a regular fitness regime.

What brings about this initiative?

S : My journey has always revolved around orchestrating large-scale events, from WOMAD festivals across the Asia Pacific to the Singapore Grand Prix and to Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay. It’s a world that demands immense time and intensity. To carve out time to exercise, to get into habit-forming routines and commit to it was tough. Omar was in the world of retail and managing brands across South East Asia – and had the same challenge. Large gyms didn’t resonate with us. In the rare moments of respite from event planning, we craved solitude, not crowds. The intimidating atmosphere further fueled our hesitation. Committing to a year-long membership felt impractical, considering the dynamic nature of our work. In contemplating our ideal fitness solution, the pillars became clear – privacy, supportive exercise aids, a space truly ours, and a flexible engagement model. It was about crafting an experience that aligned seamlessly with our unique needs and preferences.

O : Seeking validation for our concept, we consulted friends, family, and delved into the experiences of individuals from all walks of life. The resonance was striking – many faced the same challenges, whether it was intimidation, membership commitment struggles, a desire for a serene training environment, or the frustration of waiting for equipment. It was from this wealth of insights and shared experiences that the concept of My Gym Lab was conceived. A haven where privacy meets personalization, catering to the diverse needs of those who, like us, yearned for a fitness solution that embraced their unique lifestyle challenges.

You have collective experiences in luxury brands and event planning – do they come in handy, doing what you are doing now with MyGymLab, Sarah & Omar?

S : Our philosophy centers around the minutiae, those small details that collectively create an environment you can truly call your own. For us, customer experience isn’t just important; it’s the cornerstone of My Gym Lab. We’ve meticulously curated every aspect to make your experience uniquely yours. From seamless Wi-Fi access to the quality of music at your fingertips and the freedom to choose your light scheme, every detail is thoughtfully considered to enhance your time at My Gym Lab. Fortuitously, our network includes individuals deeply rooted in the gym industry and passionate personal trainers. Their enthusiasm for our vision for My Gym Lab has been infectious, and their valuable contributions have enriched our concept with truly beneficial ideas. It’s a collaborative effort that reflects the shared passion for redefining the fitness experience.

O : Our commitment to individuality is reflected in the design of each My Gym Lab. No two Labs mirror each other; instead, we celebrate diversity in every detail. A dedicated wall, weaving the narrative of the space’s history, becomes a testament to the unique character of each Lab. Drawing from my diverse experiences, ranging from intricate operations to strategic brand management, has proven invaluable in shaping the essence of My Gym Lab. Every role I’ve embraced in my previous life has contributed to the mosaic that defines our approach, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded offering. Above all, our unwavering focus is on the customer experience. Regardless of the number of Labs under the My Gym Lab umbrella, our commitment is resolute – to ensure that the experience transcends consistency. Each My Gym Lab, while unique in design, shares an unyielding dedication to delivering an exceptional and harmonized experience for every individual who walks through our doors.

Ideally, who is MyGymLab made for?

O : For those yearning to embark on their fitness journey but find the prospect of big box gyms daunting, My Gym Lab offers a welcoming haven. It’s a space where the journey begins without intimidation, encouraging individuals to take those first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

For the needs of personal trainers seeking purpose-designed spaces for their clients, My Gym Lab opens its doors as a collaborative hub. Here, trainers can elevate their sessions in an environment crafted for efficacy and personalization, ensuring optimal results for their clients.

My Gym Labs also cater to the discerning fitness enthusiasts who already hold memberships at larger gyms as we provide a private sanctuary for focused workouts. Here, interruptions are minimized, and the inconvenience of sharing equipment becomes a thing of the past, offering an exclusive space within the fitness landscape.

We also have an older generation of people using our spaces – as it’s a private, safe space for them.

S: What truly astounded us is the diverse tapestry of clients spanning a broad age spectrum. My Gym Lab is breaking the mold by resonating with individuals of all ages, creating a fitness community that defies stereotypes and embraces the shared goal of well-being, regardless of age or background.

How does the gym work?

O : Simplicity is at the core of our user experience. Just download the MyGymLab APP, sign up for free, and effortlessly select your preferred location, date, and time. Making a payment for your chosen timeframe is seamless, ensuring that your journey from app download to booking is intuitive and stress-free. When your session is on the horizon, a simple tap on the “open door” function within the MyGymLab APP grants you access to your personal sanctuary. It’s a seamless transition from anticipation to action, ensuring that your focus remains on your workout, not the logistics. Elevating the experience further, the MyGymLab app orchestrates a seamless ambiance for your workout. Five minutes before your session, the lights and air conditioning gracefully activate, creating an inviting atmosphere. After your session concludes, the same automation ensures an eco-friendly touch by switching off the lights and aircon, concluding your visit with environmental mindfulness. If any issues arise, a quick tap on the phone icon within the MyGymLab APP seamlessly connects you to our 24-hour hotline. Your concerns are addressed promptly, ensuring a hassle-free and supportive experience.

Tell our readers about the cleaning and sanitising process.

S : To elevating the standard of air quality in our Labs, we’ve implemented an air sanitizer that not only purifies the air but also leaves behind a pleasant scent. It’s a dual-action system that ensures not only a fresh atmosphere but also a healthier one, enhancing the overall experience for our clients. Our commitment to cleanliness is unwavering. Our daily cleaning schedule goes beyond the ordinary, with our dedicated team not only performing regular vacuuming and mopping but also employing a microbial solution to wipe down all equipment surfaces. The added layer of protection comes from our hospital-grade UV germicidal lamp, programmed to activate for 5-7 minutes during non-booking periods, ensuring an environment that surpasses conventional standards. Leaving no room for compromise, we extend our commitment to hygiene on a monthly basis with professional pest control services. This meticulous approach ensures that every corner of our space is not only clean but also safeguarded against any potential intrusions, creating a truly pristine and secure fitness environment.

Where are your gym locations in Singapore?

O : Presently, we take pride in offering 10 conveniently located Labs across Singapore, providing you with a diverse array of choices. Our commitment to accessibility doesn’t stop here; we’re actively in the process of expanding to cover an even greater area in Singapore. Stay tuned as we bring My Gym Lab closer to you, ensuring that your fitness journey is truly within reach. For a detailed overview of our Lab locations, both existing and upcoming, we invite you to explore our website and the My Gym Lab app. This comprehensive resource ensures that you have all the information you need at your fingertips, from Lab features to addresses, empowering you to make informed choices tailored to your convenience.

When we last spoke, you mentioned there are plans to expand the brand overseas.  Want to share that with our readers?

S : Exciting times are ahead as My Gym Lab stands on the verge of expansion, and the interest has already extended beyond borders, reaching a global audience. The allure of our concept has captured attention, and we are thrilled to explore opportunities in several countries. Preparing for this exciting phase of growth, we’ve laid the groundwork for expansion. Our roadmap involves strategic enhancements to the My Gym Lab app, comprehensive manuals, and a continuous commitment to cutting-edge research. This proactive approach ensures that every aspect of My Gym Lab aligns seamlessly with our vision for a global fitness community. The journey into new territories is just beginning, and we invite you to be a part of this thrilling chapter. As the saying goes, “Watch this Space” – because the best is yet to come, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

How is it working with siblings?

S : The beauty of our partnership lies in the balance of similarities and diverse strengths we both have. It’s a fusion that works seamlessly, with our shared history and values serving as valuable assets. We complement each other in ways that enhance the overall synergy, creating a dynamic collaboration that is greater than the sum of its parts.

O: Working with family, much like any corporate environment, comes with its unique set of challenges. However, we’ve navigated these challenges by adhering to the same principles that govern professionalism in any setting. It’s about remaining focused on common goals, maintaining a professional demeanor, and channeling our shared commitment into every aspect of our work. Our shared aspirations for My Gym Lab serve as the driving force behind our collaboration. Constantly engaging in formulating innovative ideas and strategic plans, the process is not just productive but also enjoyable.

S: As we work towards our shared goals, there’s a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie that makes the journey truly special. One day, when we reflect on this adventure, we’ll both proudly say, “We did this together.”

Any parting words?

Your fitness journey with My Gym Lab awaits you…Download the APP, register for free, and give yourself a fitness treat!

Best book you’ve read this year

S : Oh that is a hard one – I can’t choose – Possibilities that can could be a finalist for that are “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O” by Shel Silverstein and “Empress” by Evelyn McCune

O : Together is better by Simon Sinek

The last music you downloaded

S : Iko Iko (My bestie) by Justin Wellington featuring Small Jan.

O : Moments We Live For By In Paradise. It was for a video of our family holiday.

The music that changed everything for you

S : This is Me – Keala Settle from “The Greatest Showman”

O : The Last Light By Lily Kernshaw

When you need to feel inspired

S :Rise by Calum Scott

O : Till I collapse by Eminem

Things you’ll always have in your fridge

S : A chocolate fix – my personal guilty pleasure!

O : Milk. Everyone in the house cant live without it….

Morning routine

S : Up at 6ish, breakfast, quick catch up on news headlines, quick stretch routine, then I kickstart my work routine generally about 8 ish.

O : Up at 6Am, light run, breakfast and sending the kids to school

A typical day for you

S : Work for the most of the day, touching base with at least a sibling or two or a good friend (I do have 4 other sisters and a tight circle of friends), ploughing through few chapters of the book of the week, light cooking for at least one meal – sometimes jumping into the pool for a few laps.

O : Work, Fetching the Kids, Workout, Family Time, Light Reading and Bed

What have you come to appreciate the last 2 years

O : Life. We recently lost our Parents and you just realise how precious life is.

S: Agreed. And really to not sweat the small stuff.

Definition of success to you

S : Making an impact – be it big or small.

O : Creating something from nothing and being able to inspire others

Biggest inspiration comes from

S : My family has always been my anchor – but out of all of them, I take my hat off for my late grandmother – she was so active all the way till the end. My exposure to her constant interest and curiosity in life has been a guiding light for me in my life now.

O : My late parents, wife and kids. They’ve inspired me in many ways that have shaped who I am today.

One gadget you can’t do without 

S : My phone – it’s an extension of my work and personal joy with my online books, music and access to movie apps.

O : My tablet, it has readily available info for me both personally and professionally

Country you want to go back to

S : Netherlands, and specifically Amsterdam. Its bursting with art and culture – from fine art to paying tribute to street art, from ancient history to fashion history! Totally stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

O : Maldives. I need a nice break, no tech, just the sun, sand and the sea

Favorite podcast(s)

S : Alas…I prefer to read then listen to podcasts…I devour the written word!

O : More of a news guy as opposed to podcast

Something you’ve recently discovered.

S : The wonderful benefits of Hibiscus Tea – its full of antioxidants, boost immune systems, keeps cravings for sweet things at bay, aids digestions to name a few. A cup a day helps with a whole host of things.

O : Mindfullness Meditation: I’ve started practicing mindfulness meditation, and it has had a surprisingly positive impact on my focus and overall well-being.

Philosophy in life

S : Make sure whatever you do, it makes your soul dance. 

O : Do better than you did yesterday whether its professionally or in your personal life. Be open to changes and keep learning.

Your style / life icon

S : I love the occasional dress-up and glamming up. My in-between stage between that and casual would be inspired by Izzey Miyake – I love the fabric, use of colours and distinctive look. It is also always comfortable.

O : More of a casual person. I will dress up if needed. Being in retail for so long and always being ‘dressed up’. I appreciate being casual nowadays.

Best things about Singapore

S : How everything simply works…and if it doesn’t, best efforts are made to fix it. I also like the fact that we are a modern city that has its bedrock in traditional values of respect for community and collective good.

O : Its efficiency, safety and transport system

Favorite movie

O : The Pursuit Of Happiness and Braveheart-I appreciate movies based on real life events and true stories.

S : I’m big into escapism – so nothing too real…Dune is my hot favourite right now. I was so thrilled that my favourite book series made it to be big screen and all those scenes from the book (and my imagination) has came alive on screen.

What’s in your glass and plate for cocktail hour / afternoon snack

O : I rarely snack but at times I do indulge in a nice cup of coca-cola

S : Ooooh…I like little snack accompaniments – a little cheese platter with Rooibos tea, or ginger snap biscuits with a perfectly foamed up coffee. And the occasional slice of cake.

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Proud Singaporean known to be a visionary, Sarah is a recognized as a leader in arts, sports, entertainment, and wellness. A nominee for “Great Women of our Time,” her 2-decade career spans public and private sectors. Known for curating multiple WOMAD Festivals across Asia Pacific, orchestrating the Formula One event in Singapore, and leading the Arts House as CEO, Sarah is now CEO of Martin Consultancy. She continues her impactful journey, notably with the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay amongst other large scale events as she continues to be a force shaping experiences and movements in society.


Omar Martin is a seasoned professional with 16+ years of operations management expertise across Southeast Asia’s dynamic retail sector. Omar’s impactful career earned him recognition as an award-winning industry leader, notably featured by SkillsFuture. In his role as Senior Commercial Manager, he drove regional expansion, earning the title of “Most Internationally Appreciated.” Omar excels in operational excellence, from crafting SOPs to leveraging technology for successful store launches. Adept at leading a team of 140, he intertwines a millennial mindset with genuine concern for employee well-being.