Cinematic Life

Words By Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen

The day is magnificent – I look up and see clear blue skies and a smiling, happy sun. I am out on a boat, hair blowing in the wind; the waves flapping and boat jumping in the elated water. Ella Fitzgerald’s Get Happy is playing at the background and I can’t help but feel tremendous joy. I think to myself, “This is what life is all about.” The beauty that surrounds me and happiness that embraces me, while basking in luxurious nature. 

Feed your mind and soul soothing, beautiful music, poems, pieces of literature that boost your spirit and make you feel inspired. Wake up every morning surrounded with beauty; be it words, music, flowers or beautiful aroma of your favourite coffee. , and Imagine living your life daily on a cinematic lens; how lovely it will be – taking in all the littlest blessings that is ever present in your life, feeling glad to be alive. 

Life in 2020 has not been easy for all of us; some have it better than others while a handful, hope things had been different.  No matter how resentful or regretful we are, the fact that the whole world has been hit by a pandemic remains true. We are not able to change the fact but we are able to shift the thoughts we have. It is not going to be easy but living life on a cinematic lens might be one approach for a happy life; the kind of life that takes note of every little thing that steps-in your day and comes in your way. In our busy-ness, we often overlook those minute details, which could be our saving grace in this time of need.

The last couple of months give me perspective like never before.  I learn that I am truly the director and producer of my life; I steer the direction; emotions and feelings come with it. Life is not meant to be constantly smooth sailing, however let’s put our focus on abundance, which is tremendous, if we care to put our rose-tinted glass on.

The grandness of our giant universe is undeniable; look for beauty, no matter how small. Analyze each scene of your life with a director’s lens and start writing your own life’s script; inject lots of happiness into the scenes. Start by appreciating and marveling everything in your life. Live life like you are the hero of your story. Know that no matter how bad your life is at this point, nothing is permanent. You are the protagonist of your movie and going to emerge out as the hero.

Take a walk in nature and observe everything around you. Knowing that every single thing is placed there, including yourself for reasons and that is enough to be assured you matter in this vast world.We’ve often been made to feel bad if we dream. Truth of the matter is, I always see dream as a step towards my reality. Every single thing that had been made started off from a dream; so dreaming is not so bad, is it? Invite whatever you desire in your dream, work towards it and see that very thing manifest in your life.

The road to abundance of happiness in life is within grasp for every single one of us. We just need to pay attention to details that make our days; those little details that might even set our heart and soul on fire if we care enough to invite them into our daily thoughts towards a more lush and luxurious living.

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