Jack Mozumder, Founder

Impra Sports

It is without doubt, people the world over are turning to sports and workouts during these  unprecedented (Covid) months – mostly with the aim of keeping themselves in tip top condition.  Some do it to break the daily cycle that keep them confined to their four walls.  Whatever the reason is, it is good to know in some segments, it is business as usual.

I spoke with Jack Mozumder, the Founder of Impra Sports to hear his thoughts.

Impra Sports is a passion / business project that you recently started.  Tell us about it.

Yes, I have always had a huge passion for sports in general, being a lifelong football and biggest fan.  The idea for Impra Sports was born from the need to bring quality workout equipment to your own home due to the current pandemic. We wanted to give people the opportunity to stay health even they are unable to go to the gym.

Is there a special meaning behind the name Impra Sports?

We wanted to bring the fun and sociable aspect to staying fit, so the word Impra is a variation on the Polish word “Party”.

What is the latest must-have equipments when we talk about working-out from home?

I would say the two most popular pieces of equipment that are must haves right now would be the Push Up Board which allows you to target different muscle groups – biceps, triceps, shoulders, by just doing traditional push ups, eliminating the need to use several free weights in the gym. And then there is the Arm & Thigh master which is also perfect for different muscle building and toning. No need to spend money on that expensive gym membership!

You were in corporate before this – planning and running huge digital events in Singapore.  How is the transition from corporate to this of a digital nomad’s?

The transition has actually been a lot smoother than I thought. I think it is important when you start a business to do something you are passionate about which has made the transition a lot easier. I know a lot of people are working from home these days, however, the thing I miss most is the social interaction between colleagues and going for lunch together. However I definitely don’t miss rush hour on the MRT each morning!

You are from the UK and have settled in Singapore for a few years now. Walk us through a little bit and tell us about yourself, Jack.

Absolutely! So being born into a military family, we moved around several times during childhood. so I lived in Scotland, London, Oxford, Germany on various military bases. After university in Leeds, I then moved to Sydney, Australia and then eventually to Singapore. As well as sports, my big passion in life is travel! As soon as I return from one trip I immediately start planning which country to visit next. I am very settled in Singapore right now – it is a fantastic country!

Online shopping is the way to go for the last couple of years and after the pandemic hits us, it is even more apparent.  In your opinion what factor makes a (shopping) platform stand out from the rest?

Customer and user experience is key these days! Having a smooth and flawless customer journey will make all the difference! A customer needs to get to the checkout page easily and quickly, any unnecessary web pages that delay the customer getting there gives them another chance to abandon their purchase. With the current pandemic, e-commerce competition is as fierce as ever.  So, a flawless user experience will definitely make you stand out!

Where can Fab! Luxe readers go to see your amazing line-ups?

Look no further! You can see the full lineup of fitness accessories at