Words By Agnes Aui

Valentine’s Day is indeed one of the most anticipated events in the month of February. It’s when the world fills up with love, and people are showered with gifts of blooming flowers, wholesome chocolates and unique date experiences like picnics, a staycation and more! And while the gesture of gifting flowers and chocolates have become a norm on the 14th of February every year, we at Fab! Luxe curated the perfect idea list for you to elevate your expression of love to your partner this year. With the stressful shift in daily activities due to the pandemic, there’s no better escapade to relax luxuriously with your loved one than these: 

Rent A Yacht

Picnic at the beach? How about renting an entire yacht instead! Not only do you get to spend time alone with your partner, but soak in the view of the horizon while you’re at it. In fact, you and your partner can also learn to steer the yacht together, making it a memorable trip. To make your luxury yacht date even better, lay out your very own picnic and pop some champagne. Don’t forget to pack some cosy throw pillows and blankets to cuddle in as you watch the sun set. 

A Special Movie Night

Movie dates are probably the most popular type of dates that people generally go for, whether on Valentine’s Day or even on normal days. However, make your date luxuriously romantic this Valentine’s by renting out the entire cinema just for you and your partner or spouse. Add in some wine or champagne as you enjoy the movie, and even get the cinema to play a montage of pictures of the both of you, with a sweet message at the end of the movie for an unforgettable night. 

Drive In Luxury

 There’s no better way to spend time with each other than a calming drive through scenic routes as you jam out to 70s music or chat about anything and everything. And truly, there’s no better experience than taking a drive in style this Valentine’s Day, by renting a luxury sports car. Take your pick from Maseratis and Lamborghinis to Porsche and even Audis – one thing’s for sure, it’ll be a date night you most likely will never forget.

Hot Air Balloon

Here’s one for the sporty aficionados – instead of bouldering, hiking and mountain biking this Valentine’s, level up your endearing activity to a unique hot air balloon ride. Take the initiative to learn with your partner on how a hot air balloon functions and rent one for Valentine’s Day as you soar up high for the first time in your life. To end the session, set up a romantic lunch below for some memorable picturesque photos capturing colourful hot air balloons from above.

Fine Dine At Home

Booking for a table at any fine dining restaurants this Valentine’s Day will definitely put you in a labyrinth. Restaurants are sure to be booked out months in advance, and for those of you last minute lads, it’s going to be a hectic day. However, lucky for you, fine dining take outs are still available and a nice candlelight dinner at home can sometimes be better than a packed and noisy environment outside. Just remember to end your night with some decadent petit gâteau!

5 Star Hotel Spa

  We can’t think of a more luxurious experience to treat your partner to this Valentine’s Day than a relaxing spa session at a 5-star hotel. Starting off with a warm lavender foot soak to a full body massage and ending with a facial and manicure will surely tickle your partner’s fancy. You can opt to dine out after the spa session or even book the presidential suite to have room service as you spend the night cuddling and watching movies together..

Scuba Diving

 For couples who love the sea and the marine life it offers, can opt to book a scuba diving trip this Valentine’s Day. Not only do you escape the cold weather and indulge in the heat and beach, but experience something entirely new. In fact, after your trip, you can choose if you’d like to be a certified diver and even attend classes together. Diving is also 100 times better when done with your lover as it builds trust, communication and the endearment you have for each other..

High Tea-Hopping

Forget about the usual cafe hopping, it’s all about luxury this Valentine’s Day and nothing says luxury like high-tea hopping. If you haven’t already known, high-tea is a British tradition of enjoying tea whilst having some delightful bites of scones, smoked salmon sandwiches, fruit tarts and other sweet treats. It’s also not to be confused with afternoon tea, as high-tea is typically enjoyed on sofas or casual chairs. High-tea is a great date idea, especially if your date enjoys taking pictures and indulging in high-quality tea alongside high-grade ingredients.


Any date isn’t complete without a glass of wine, but for wine enthusiasts, a date that revolves around wine-tasting seems like the perfect one. Which is why this year, scrap the idea of enjoying bottles of wine at home and take a trip to your local vineyard for a wine-tasting session instead. For those who stay far away from vineyards can opt to visit wine factories or wine bars as well. Aside from exploring different types of wine, you may just walk home with an abundance of knowledge that could spark up interesting conversations with your partner the next time you share a bottle of wine.

Book A Chef

Due to the pandemic, it’s always a safe bet to stay home during seasons like this. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t need to compromise a luxurious dinner for our lover. Thus, we suggest booking a personal chef for the night to treat your lover to the best foie gras, ribeye with truffle butter and the ultimate chocolate dessert that’s sure to express your love. You can also opt to add in the finest bottle of champagne and a bouquet of roses to elevate the night.