Rising Demand for Private Air Charter

By Hiranmayii Mohanan

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has routed and ripped apart the best business models of the last few decades, companies are gradually reinventing and adapting to the new realities. This is quite evident with many employees working from home. 

Travellers world over are altering their perception of commercial travel especially at the thought of crowded airport terminals and cramped aircraft cabins. This works in favour of private aviation providers, which have reported an unprecedented interest among new customers. The silver lining of the coronavirus is that it has taken a page from E F Schumacher ‘Small is Beautiful’s’ economic model and has shaped private aviation around the needs of the community — creating a safety bubble to travel. 

The growing demand for private air charters come from health and safety concerns, driven by the pandemic and the incentives that it comes with — personalised service, social distancing from crowds and lines, onboard social distancing and hassle-free security checks and dedicated cabin hostess to minimise interactions and possible exposure. If flying commercial exposes travellers to over 700 touchpoints, private jets can reduce them to 20, lowering chances of infection by 97%. In that regard, we have listed some of the famed private air charters across the globe, post lockdown.


NetJets is probably a name that’s synonymous to private air chartering, being the oldest and largest private jet operator in the world. Founded back in 1964, it boasts a fleet of over 700 airplanes, offering fractional ownership, jet card and lease programs. NetJets quickly became a firm favourite among fliers for its guarantee of the same personalised level of service no matter which program you choose. The beauty of having a large fleet at their disposal is the ability to cater to various requirements, from the likes of Embraer Phenom 300 in the light jet category, to the Bombardier Global 6000 which can seat up to 14 passengers. Armed with 55 years of unrivalled experience, NetJets is unwavering in the face of the pandemic, offering hundreds of flights operating daily.


With a slogan, “Flying Private Made Simple”, you know you’re placing your trust in the right private aviation company. VistaJet is one of the leading private aviation companies in the world, offering exclusive membership. The VistaJet Program membership essentially allows you to individually tailor your flight to your preference, guaranteeing access to a business jet anytime, anywhere. Offering over 70 aircrafts, VistaJet gives its members access to the largest privately owned Bombardier fleet in the world, all of which feature the brand’s signature exterior and interior detailing for you to feel like a prince or princess. 

Guests can rest assured knowing that the company has strengthened and secured procedures, including the number of people interacting with the aircraft, every effort is taken to assign a single set of crew to a single aircraft over their full 17-day rotation. All crew are checked for signs of the virus twice a day and if there is any doubt as to their health, VistaJet will take them out of service until cleared by a certified professional. VistaJet also offers bespoke, once in a lifetime itineraries in far-flung locations across the world, positioning the company as more than just a jet operator. Besides offering bespoke services, its pledge to comprehensive sustainability and reducing carbon footprint is meaningful and commendable. 

Magellan Jets

Travelling safely for business or to your loved ones in this unprecedented time is the main reason why many turn to private air charters. Enter Magellan Jets — a premium network of the highest-quality aircraft and flight crews. The Magellan Jet Card, the only Build-a-Card tool in the industry is fully customisable, allowing owners to enjoy flexibility besides tailoring how you want to fly, how often you want to fly and creating an experience that comes as close to jet ownership as possible. Take the experience further with the membership — an option that invites requires travellers to pay a sign-on fee which will then lock in their hourly price and from there, members can make use of the pay as you go function and opt-in to Magellan’s carbon offset program. Magellan Jets ensures a premium experience, including personalised service where aviation consultants would be assisted every step of the way, helping you find the most suitable and cost-effective travel solutions.


GlobeAir is another leading and award-winning European based company in the private jet charter arena that has been filling in the gap for other commercial airlines. Founded in 2007, they have set a benchmark in private jet charter services across Europe, flying to over 948 airports across the continent. Cabin crew who are tending to you use face masks and maintain safe distances. Continuous air cabin circulation within the plane ensures 100% fresh air on board at any point in time and most importantly, your private jet is deep-cleaned. A complimentary disinfectant kit is complementary, to keep you at ease and hygienic. Board your private jet from private dedicated terminals and skip unnecessary touch points.

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