Words Dr Tanushka Melwani Mansukhani | Photo Amir Seilsepour

Summer is here, so while everything is bright, beautiful and in full bloom, let’s get colourful with the “neon” trend! 

Here are some top tips from Ash K Holm, Make-up Artist to the Kardashians on how not to mess up with Neon brights!

If there is ever a time and place to wear neon (other than the ’80s), it’s now and it’s on your eye-lid.  So, let’s get summer and pool ready!

“Subtle pops of colour on the eyes will continue to be popular this summer. It’s an easy way to freshen up any neutral look while keeping your face looking youthful,” confirms Ash K Holm, who has wielded her brushes on Kim and Khloe Kardashian.


Pick shades that are vibrant such as neon pinks, neon yellow, green, purple and white eyeliner, which show up well on medium-to-dark skin tones. Here, less is more of the philosophy to follow. Too much can be way too much.  Couple it with keeping your skin neutral, sun-kissed, bright and glowy.


“I recommend wearing your everyday black or brown eyeliner and focus on creating a line going from thick to thin. Then use a neon colour to enhance the brown or black-winged eye-liner by outlining the top or bottom, or go bold by outlining the whole shape.  You can also take a neon eye shadow and pop it in the tear duct of your eye. The neutral tones on the lid will complement the subtle hue or pink or green in the inner corner,” says Holm.


Scared you will mess up? “A great beginner tip is to take a white or nude eye-liner and map out the shape first. Clean it with a pointed Q-tip to make it perfect along the way.”

Don’t you feel summer-ready already?